Saturday, April 16, 2016

Drawer Wars

What to watch: Saturday. HE SHED SHE SHED 10 p.m. on FYI. 
A man and a woman face off in each episode as they transform
       backyard sheds into supplemental living spaces.
       First: a pirate pub in California and a tiki bar in Texas.
- Actual New York Times Television Listing

TUESDAY 900PM on TBS. DRAWER WARS. In homes and apartments across the country, husbands and wives share bedrooms, but not dressers. And while you might make the room smaller, don't take away any of their drawers. Well, we do just that! Everything comes out and goes on the bed. Then the guys have to give up one, the girls two, and it all has to go somewhere! If he makes it work, he gets NFL tickets. If she figures it out, it's an all-in spa weekend. This week, Marla decides if anything other than crop tops are worth keeping, while Billy agonizes over parting with his blue board shorts.

MONDAY 800PM on HGTV. PULL OUT PAMPERING. Do you like sitting in a sauna? How about kicking back in a mud bath? The problem is that for most people that means driving to the local spa. But what if all you had to do to get some body-lovin' was to pull a handle? That's what PULL OUT PAMPERING is all about. Each week our experts show some lucky homeowner how they can add a spa treatment in their own home where they least expected it. This week, Vinnie shows Amber how with just a pup tent, a folding stool and a simple mod to her dishwasher door, she can create a steam room right in her kitchen!

WEDNESDAY 930PM on TVMD. MEDICINE CABINET MAKEOVER. What's in your medicine cabinet? There's probably some aspirin, expired cough syrup and a few boxes of Band Aids. Hardly the stuff necessary in today's DIY medical world. On this show, each week a different specialist will help an excited homeowner re-outfit that box over their sink so they can do some real doctoring. In the premier episode, Dr. Milton Gasper, a plastic surgeon from Minneapolis, helps Darleen Fitzpatrick restock her cabinet with all the tools necessary to do an eyebrow lift, and then shows her how to do one on herself. The results will amaze you!

SATURDAY 800PM on THE CLOTHING CHANNEL. HANDBAG UNBOUND. It's the search for the holy grail: finding the perfect purse, and figuring out how to put everything inside of it. Next to that, provisioning the space station is a piece of cake. On this new show, each week a woman presents her handbag and its contents to our panel of experts, one from the world of fashion, one a military logistics specialist and one a longshoreman. They pull it apart and put it back together, showing how to make it more efficient, usable and beautiful. In tonight's episode Doris is crestfallen when the bag she and supermodel Brooklyn Decker love won't hold the AR-37 tactical flashlight Major Smithens demands she carry, while Rocco tries to find room for the 21 credit cards Doris insists she needs.

THURSDAY 830PM on DIY Channel. GLOVE BOX GARDENS. Who actually keeps gloves in their glove box? Mints, tissues, ice scrapers, receipts from oil changes, sure. But gloves? So what if you got rid of all that, and PLANTED something in there! Throw in a few seeds, some gro lights, and voila! Fresh basil by the time you drive home! Each week, a different enterprising green-thumber shows how they have remodeled this all but forgotten space in their car to produce fresh herbs and organic produce. In the premier, Molly shows off the rosemary she raised in her Lexus RX350, while Arnold demonstrates the misting system he has rigged up for the cherry tomatoes he grows in his Chevy Tahoe.

SUNDAY 830PM on COOKTUBE. SPICE UNDERCOVER. It's a conundrum that goes back as long as there have been cooks: organize the spice drawer by size, name or what you use the most. Well, help is coming! Each week a celebrity chef drops in on an amateur cook, helps them rearrange their spice cabinet, and then cooks a meal with them. In tonight's episode, Bobby Flay upends Samantha Kincaid's world when he moves the onion powder behind the sea salt with tragic results.


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